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Plastics Recyclers Europe

Plastics Recyclers Europe, based in Brussels, represents over 100 plastic recyclers in Europe. The quantity of plastic waste which PRE member companies recycle is growing every year – currently this is already more than 2.4 million tonnes a year.

PRE represents the interests of plastic recycling companies in Europe and provides a network for the exchange of expertise. PRE has eight working groups corresponding to the materials in question. In order to ensure that a particular recycler’s interests are dealt with, PRE has put in place  horizontal working groups which ensure frequent information exchange between the various polymer groups. more

There is more information on PRE’s work and goals in the Strategy Paper.

Our goal for RecyClass

PRE is campaigning for more plastic recycling. An increase in the mechanical recycling of plastic waste signifies greater resource conservation. Most important is that the environment benefits from fewer CO2 emissions.

To achieve more recycling, PRE is following a strategy which is based on three pillars (see the PRE Strategy Paper). One of the pillars is “Design for Recycling”. In this context we want to encourage designers and manufacturers to pay particular attention to recyclability when designing a package. Design is the most important requirement for the recyclability of a package. An increase in the recyclability of packaging results in a marked improvement  in the quality of the products which are manufactured from recycled plastics.

The tool allows easy and effortless checking of the recyclability of a particular plastic package or packaging concept, and sets out the best way to arrive there. However“RecyClass” is also a label, and a package seperately certified can be promoted as being environmentally friendly. This will influence the buying decisions of consumers who pay attention to the recyclability of packaging.


Plastics Recyclers Europe invites you on the 6th of October 2017 at the Vleva Conference Centre in Brussels. The workshop will feature a common introduction to the event and a key note speech from DG Environment. Afterwards, the event will be divided into 4 breakout sessions : PET Bottles/Sheets, HDPE Bottles, LDPE Sheets and Pots, Tubs & Trays.

Recycling starts in the product design phase. The key to more sustainable plastics is better design of plastics and plastics products.

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Plastics Recyclers Europe

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